5 Most Popular Breeds of Goats in the World

In recent times, an increasing number of people are moving towards self-sustainable living. Humans seem to love the idea of going back to the good old days. This might also lead to the creation of a much greener planet. Besides, most of the families used to keep animals outside their homes during those times. They grew their own vegetables organically, using natural fertilizers. 

Today, many people across the world are moving away from the corporate jungle. They seem to be happy leaving their hectic urban lifestyle and settling for a pleasant countryside living. Most of them who have successfully made the move are also keeping domestic animals as their extended family members. 

One of these animals is goats. Goats produce extremely nutritious milk and also make for great pets. Now let’s take a look at the most popular breeds of goats in the world:

1. Alpine

The highest milk producers among goat breeds, the Alpine goats have their origins in the French Alps. Some of these goats can produce up to two gallons of milk a day. As they’re the highest milk producers, they also have greater nutritional needs. Those who wish to domesticate these goats must closely monitor their diet. Individuals who raise Alpine goats have said that they’re curious, quiet, and tolerant animals.

2. Nubian

You can easily recognize Nubian goats as they have long ears and a convex muzzle. They have Middle Eastern origins and can easily thrive in hotter climates. Although these goats produce less milk compared to the other goat breeds, their milk is high in fat content. 

The milk produced by these goats is also very sweet and creamy. Nubian goats are strong, graceful, and come in different coat colours. Among them, mahogany brown is the most common colour. 

3. Saanen

Although Saanen goats are found in many countries, they’re originally from Switzerland. They have an all-white coat and are easy to raise. Many say that even a child can raise these goats. Saanen goats are well-mannered and gentle animals. Their females have a smaller, heart-shaped faces with small beards. 

Male Saanens have a larger face with a bigger beard. The milk produced by these goats is somewhat similar to the low-fat cow’s milk found in supermarkets.

4. LaMancha

One of the excellent milk breeds among goats, LaManchas have their origins in the United States. They’re quite distinct from all the goat breeds in terms of appearance. LaManchas have very short ears and a round belly. Their coats are short, fine, glossy and come in different colours. 

Milk produced by these goats is high in protein and fat with a smooth texture and a rich flavour. They’re curious and loving breed and interact well with other animals and humans.

5. The Oberhasli

Another goat breed of Swiss origin, the Oberhasli are mountainous goats. They have a shiny, brown coat and love to climb and jump around. Among their distinct features are pointy ears, blackheads, and doughy eyes. The black markings on their head extend to the tips of their muzzle. 

As they’re quite lovable and interactive, the Oberhasli goats make for good pets. These goats are also one of the best milk producers among the goat breeds.

5 Most Popular Breeds of Goats in the World

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